After years of working at Universal Studios, whose newest addition, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, has brought fans flocking from around the country, I’ve come to realize one important truth: most people know what house of the famed four they call home. I learned I belong to Hufflepuff, which I describe as those who are “loyal, friendly, and honest,” or as my friend says, “Yeah, that’s why they’re usually stoners, because they love to share!”

Leave it to Chris Bramante of my favorite musical improv team Robot Teammate and the Accidental Party to spit fire in a rap tribute telling a “story ’bout the dormitory stationed near the kitchen.” While Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them star Eddie Redmayne made his own supportive PSA to the house, Bramante shows us the true colors of the smoke-filled black and gold household.

While Bramante’s creative lyrics and truthful tongue twisters (“Here in Hufflepuff, we are the tridest and truest, of dark wizards in your world, we produce the fewest”) are worth the watch alone, the interesting camera work and great sets (thanks to nearby Universal Studios) only add to the impressive video. I guess we should’ve known the Hufflepuff’s were stoners — they are the best at Herbology after all.

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