Sweden’s Amanda Fondell has been a mover and shaker since winning Swedish Idol’s Eighth Series back in 2011.

Six years later, shes turning her eyes towards the states, looking to dominate in the pop/soul/electro market much the same way fellow countryman Robyn has for some time. Amanda is sweet, her answers are unpolished and endearingly somewhat lost in translation, and though her frustration with the language is clear, clearer still is her good-natured smile and passion for her work.

Like many young pop-stars dissatisfied with the bubblegum nature of their genre, Amanda has turned her sound to a slightly darker and more mature direction, in the footsteps of singers like Lorde or Lana Del Rey. Acoustically, though, she really shines, converting those dark electropop tunes into acoustic ballads with a slight rock tinge.

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