New search engine online

I’ve just completed the upgrade of the Discogs search engine. The most important improvement is that it now handles unicode characters correctly. For example, you can search for [url=]Björk[/url] without errors. And searches for [url=]bjork[/url] will also find Björk.

Catalog number searches are also improved (using the “Catalog#” dropdown). For example, a release with catalog number “1234-5” can be found by searching for “12345” or “1234 5”, etc. Basically, the catalog# search only looks at alpha-numeric characters.

Any new additions or updates to Discogs will be added to the search engine within 24 hours. It is updated nightly and during that time the search engine will not be available (for about 5-10 minutes). I’d like to get this closer to realtime updating and not having to disable the search during updating, so I plan on improving those aspects in the future.

Please post if you have any questions. thanks!

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