New wording on the update forms

The following text has been added to the update forms:

[b]Be sure to include a full and detailed justification for your submission. You should supply any and all information / links to proofs you have relating to the justification of this submission.[/b] [b]Please do not submit until you are confident that your submission is correct. You can use the Discogs forums to discuss the validity of any updates that you suspect are required.[/b] [b]Submissions that lack sufficient back-up will be rejected. By making sure your Moderator notes are clear and helpful, you will let us process your request as quickly as possible.[/b]

The text is self explanatory. Updates can be almost impossible to process if there is a lack of explanation for why the update is happening. What is obvious to the submitter is probably not obvious to the editor or moderator. By adding a short explanation for the reason for the update, together with any proof, the update will be accepted faster and the database will be more accurate.

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