Projects for next month / image guideline update

[b]Image guidelines improved.[/b]

The [url=]image guidelines[/url] now include visual examples and explanation, provided by [u=DJ_Purity_Control]

I have started three new tickets. They should all be done sometime next month. Please check then through for any potential problems:

[b]Roll overs on artist links[/b]

By rolling over an artist link, a box will appear giving short overviews of the artists profile such as their biog, labels, genres they work in etc. If no artist is in the database with that name (on new submissions), the box should show search results for variations of the name.

This is mainly to help submitters and moderators find the correct artist when they are working with a submission, but may also be handy for general database use. It will remove the need to click and open multiple pages to check a release with many artists and credits.

[b]Open submission queue browsing to all users[/b]

The submission queue should be opened up so all users can see it and browse it the same as moderators. Users should also be able to leave comments as usual. Therefore the only difference between mods and normal users will be mods can vote yes or no on the submissions.

This will make the process much more transparent, as well as help users help each other in getting a corrected submission prepared, and will therefore make moderating easier. Users with an interest in a particular style will also be able to browse the queue by style.

[b]Add error checking in release preview for styles against genres[/b]

On the submission form, styles should be checked against genres so if a style is selected and then its genre de-selected, it the style should be removed from the list.

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