Social Music Records

Out Now or in the works from SOCIAL MUSIC RECORDS AND TAPES of Portland, OR:
STEFAN JECUSCO: Portland Purgatory LP (visionary folk LP, out now! — email for purchase info.)            
JUNE BRIDES: A Retrospective: London, England 1984-86   (classic British indie-pop from David Eggers’ favorite band, out November, 2010)                   
WHERE THE SOUL OF MAN NEVER DIES: A Treasury of Caucasian-American Gospel  (Old-timey sacred songs, gorgeous gospel bluegrass + red-hot pentecostal pandemonium – also out in Nov., 2010 because when it rains it pours)    
THE CLEAN: Odditties LP (First time ever on vinyl)       
STRAIGHT STREET GROUP: Victory Shall Be Mine LP   
JEFF MANGUM: Orange Twin Field Works expanded LP (co-release w/ Mississippi Records — first time on vinyl)
WAIT ‘TIL I PUT ON MY ROBE: More Rare, Raw + Otherworldly African-American GospelDouble LP (basically the sequel to my Fire In My Bonescomp.)
REV. LONNIE FARRIS: A Night in the House of Prayer SOME JINGLE JANGLE MOURNING: Worldwide ’80s
Indie-Rock Rarities LP (co-release with Slumberland)   
MOTOR CITY IS YEARNING: Detroit Gospel from the ’60s + ’70s                                                       
DEATH BY INDIE: Indie-Rock Rarities Vol. 2, the Shoegaze Years                                                       
BOYD RIVERS: Take Sick + Die Some of These Days     + More

That’s right — ten exclusive records you will not find anywhere else (like, stores).        Also: free, high quality, day-of-release digital downloads (in case you get antsy waiting for the three batches to arrive).
All for only $99, including shipping.
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The Social Music Record + Tape Club: Because there’s no reason that record clubs should be so damn expensive + marginally elitist + stuff.  Some folks have written in to ask how many we are making, and how close to sold-out the series is. A total of 325 subscriptions are being manufactured. We still have about one third to go until the series sells out entirely.                                                                Above Image by Pedro Lourenço